Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Lovin Me

LA based producer SNBRN hit waves when he started dropping some how, summer infested feel good dance tunes on his Soundcloud years ago, but now he returns showing off his darker side with an EP release called "U Want It". To highlight this new sound, I've selected one tune from the 3-track compilation which is called "Lovin' Me". This is a tune that will give you a pretty good idea of what you are getting into. I love this bold new and experimental sound that he is delivering here. The industrial deep house vibes are absolutely solid and provide the listener with plenty of oomph. Give "Lovin' Me" and spin right here and check the link below for all streaming options.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Over You

Talented young Swedish producer Kasbo is just about to drop his debut album "Places We Don't Know" on March 23rd. Before that though he is teasing us all with one final single from the album called "Over You" feat. Frida Sundemo. Without a doubt this tune will become a fan favourite with it's haunting vocal performance and atmospheric, yet exciting and fresh energy. What I personally love about this tune is that it sounds somewhat simple, yet there are so many dynamic elements in there to keep things interesting, but without sounding over-produced. A wonderful teaser for the album and a tune you can enjoy in full already now by pressing the play button right here: 

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Saturday, March 17, 2018


It's only been a couple of months since his last release, but now Ken Loi is back again with another new original, showing off his top for as a producer. This new piece is called "Serendipity" and features the angel voice of Luma, who adds some breathtaking sparkle and lightness to the mix. Despite having distinct pop elements, the bass line and tempo reminds you that this is still a piece of music for the clubs. It's deep, honest and pulsating at all the right moments, delivering suspense, relieve, emotion and energy all at in a way does "Serendipity" seem like an absolutely appropriate title. 

Out now as an independent release, you can stream "Serendipity" right here or via Spotify, check the link below:

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Orbital Frame

Talented LA based producer Durante returns with a strong new deep house single called "Orbital Frame" and even though it's just Thursday, this track will make you want to kickstart the weekend early.

This is the kind of music that makes you forget time and space for a while. The deep and hypnotising vibes that pulse from "Orbital Frame" are goosebump worthy and the spacey (perhaps slightly trancey) sounds fit perfectly to the title. Considering that there are no vocals here, it's even more impressive how dynamic and pulsating the arrangement and mix is served. A truly impressive release that fits perfectly into your library if you're into the deeper and darker side of electronic music.

Out now via Amtrac's imprint Openers, get your stream right here or check the link below:

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Copenhagen...Get ready for Bearcubs

In exactly one week, U.K. based Jack Ritchie aka Bearcubs will make the way across the channel and visit my wonderful hometown Copenhagen to perform at the legendary Ideal Bar (get your tickets here). The show is part of his new US/European tour where he will show off his debut album called Ultraviolet.

The album features a total of 12 tracks, including the single "Landslide" which you will find below. This particular track is a good appetiser for what is in store for you on the record and not only shows his talents as a producer, but also as a vocalist. His unique electronica/pop sound blend is absolutely stunning and manages to set him apart from the cookiecutter electronica scene. Not afraid to play with sounds and textures, he has created a full-bodied audio experience, truly marking his fingerprints on the scene. 

In preparation for his upcoming show, Bearcubs has created a unique little playlist exclusively for MYWLT, showing off some of his favourite tunes made by Scandinavian artists. There's some really cool stuff in there, so make sure to check it out and have fun with it! 

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Premiere: Diana Boss - Give It To Me Straight

Hugely proud to present you with Vancouver based Diana Boss' latest single called "Give It To Me Straight". The Canadian DJ and producer duo consisting of Sam Steele and Josh McRae have worked their magic and crafted a disco friendly dance track oozing with good vibes. The mix of oldschool vibes and 21st century production techniques makes "Give It To Me Straight" an absolute earworm that you won't be able to shake off easily.

Alongside the new single, the duo have released a music video which they have created over the course of just a single day in Vancouver. The video features Tia Szendrei as the main protagonist, who has been dressed up by Amber Ariel Sansom-English of King of Hearts Clothing to bring a lot of color, excitement and energy to go alongside the cool track. 

With all that being said, all that's left for you to do is to smash that play button. "Give It To Me Straight" is out today and available as a free download via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE

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Monday, March 12, 2018


Two Friends keep pushing their 2k18 forward by releasing a fresh and hot sounding remix for Dua Lipa's IDGAF. By keeping the swagger of the original during the verses, the LA based duo go nuts for the drop and deliver something worth of a fire hazard warning. Despite still being able to tell that this is a Two Friends remix, it's a refreshing sidetrack from their well-known piano roll sound and a further development of their own unique sound identity. Without a doubt a worthy remix for Dua Lipa and another dope free download for you to pick up via the link below:

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Sunday, March 11, 2018


Foreign Family Collective, which is curated by none other than Odesza have released a track on their channel by Evan Giia called "Westworld" and it's an absolute stunner! Once you press play on this recording, the NYC based vocalist will wow you with her ability to jump between soulful pop and energetic dance. I love the contrast between club vibes and radio hit and on "Westworld" this combo doesn't sound forced at all, instead it's surprisingly dope and on point. Dive right into the action by hitting that play button and make sure to check the link below for all streaming options, as well as the official music video! Enjoy :)

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Saturday, March 10, 2018


Let's kickoff the weekend with something a bit more hard hitting that usual. Australian producer What So Not is the dude responsible for this flaming hot release called "Beautiful". It's a piece of music that perfectly blends emotions and power and this is further helped by the exquisite work by Winona Oak on vocal. What So Not delivers what is essentially a club banger, but it has enough quirks and interesting parts that make the listening experience special and intriguing.

"Beautiful" happens to be part of the Aussie producers debut album, which contains a whopping 12 originals and some super cool collabs with people like San Holo, Slumberjack, Skrillex, James Earl and more. So be sure to check all that out in full via the link below:

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018


I have no idea why this track only seems to have 23k plays (at the time of writing), because in my opinion it deserves a lot more. French producer/artist Nasaya is the person behind this tune called "Orange", which features Cehryl on vocal. The level of smoothness is uncanny, thanks partly to the funky fresh instrumental and sweet vocal. When listening I also pick up a hint of oldschool hip hop meets disco, but in the end it's really just the most delightful feel good dance vibe that takes over and makes me a super happy listener. Dive right into "Orange" land yourself and/or check the link below for all alternative streaming options! Enjoy :)

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Blood and Bones

It's the first time I hear something from L.A. based TRACE, but I'm instantly captured by her unique voice and the mysterious vibe she delivers. The track that I am particularly referring to is called "Blood and Bones" and perhaps it's the combo of morbid theme and her style that makes this tune sound so special to me. The instrumental shines and compliments the vocal by being somewhat low-key and easy going. The subtle electronica elements and trap beat work really well and rounds off the complete piece.

But instead of reading about the track, do yourself a favour and press the play button. Also, make sure to check out the link below for all your streaming options!

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